Deaf enough for a Cochlear Implant

February 3, 2010 at 9:08 pm | Posted in Speech | 1 Comment
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Its now been 4 months since I lost the hearing in my left ear ( I lost the hearing in my right ear 10 years ago).

After being put forward to see the Cochlear Implant team in Bristol I was initially considered to be ‘not deaf enough’ to meet the criteria that is required for implantation.  Literally 2 weeks after that first appointment at Bristol Southmead Hospital my hearing dropped again and I was called back to Southmead for a ‘retest and review’.

That appointment was last week and it appears that I now meet that criteria.  The criteria that I am talking about are set out as a guideline by NICE (The National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence).  If you want to read the guidelines then click HERE for the NICE guidelines.

At the appointment it seems that I had only failed on one part originally………..the hearing test.  This time I passed with flying colours so to speak and went on to meet my specialist, Mr Robinson.  He was very nice and discussed with me my hearing loss history and whether or not he felt an implant would improve my quality of life.  I felt he was quite curious with my hearing loss because it was so unusual for someone to get a sudden loss in one ear and unheard of for both ears.  Most cases seem to be a gradual loss over a number of years………….not hours as in my case.

I also felt that he was quite sympathetic towards my own personal situation where I have two children under the age of 2, am only 36 years myself so  plenty of life left in me (hopefully!!) and the fact that I am self employed and rely on good communication skills as a major factor in my business.

Next on the agenda for me are scans on my ears to make sure my cochlear’s are in good enough condition to take an implant.  That should be in the next 4 to 5 weeks (Great………..around Christmas time  Party)

Once those are done it will be decision time on which ear to implant and when to do it.  I will then join a long list of people waiting for an operation and am expecting nothing to happen until May / June 2010 if I’m lucky.

In the mean time I have decisions to make on which make of Implant to choose from!!

There are 3 I can choose between :-



Advanced Bionics

These three products seem to all be great………….but I will have to do some major research before I make my final decision!!

More updates in a few weeks after I’ve had my scans etc



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