Hearing loss update……..

February 3, 2010 at 9:00 pm | Posted in Speech | 1 Comment
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Its been over a week now since my hearing dropped further and its amazing how much can happen in so few days!!

Apart from trying to work, I have had a few visits to my specialist (who never turns out to be my specialist) as well as my audiologist for more hearing tests and re-tuning of my hearing aid.
It appears that my profound hearing loss is now even more profound than before.
This news along with the news that I don’t meet the criteria for a cochlear implant was a bit of a shock to take.
I can, apparently, hear to well for a CI Sarcastic
I have added an example of a profound hearing loss audigram so you can see how low my hearing has got.
Basically……up until August 2009 my hearing was near the top of the graph.  Now as you can see it is pretty much as low as it can go.
This isn’t my exact test result but it is pretty close.  (Ignore the red line………)
This audiogram shows a profound hearing loss
I have been called back for a ‘retest and review’ with the CI team in Bristol for the 20th November 2009.
We will see then if I am deaf enough to move forward towards possibly hearing again and getting a bionic ear!!
The journey continues!!Smile

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  1. Hi Graham, I love the audiogram you have used here – do you have a copy of a blank one I could use to blog my new hearing? I’ve found it hard to find a nice clean one to use.

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