Speech, Language & Psychology test

February 7, 2010 at 3:41 pm | Posted in Speech | Leave a comment

Since my last post I have had my last few tests before the dreaded final decision appointment.  The day started badly when we got held up in a traffic jam on the M5 and ended up being an hour late for my appointment.  I was so late that they said I had missed my first part and had to go straight in to see the psychologist who wanted to assess my state of mind!!  Well having been help up for over an hour you can imagine my state of mind was not the best.  Still, I went in and chatted for about 40 mins and she quickly came to the conclusion that I wasn’t depressed!! 🙂  I could have told her that 🙂

Any way…….seeing as my speech is still very good she went to see if the speech therapist could squeeze me in as the feeling was that this part of the appointment would not take that long.  Thankfully they did (squeeze me in) and I was taken in to a quiet room and asked to repeat some sentences and single words without being able to lip read.  I actually did quite well on the sentences and she explained that my brain was very good at picking up a couple of words and then guessing the rest!!!  Clever brain!!  Are you reading all my old school teachers!! 😉

So, the day ended ok in the end and and I am now all nervous about my next appointment on the 12th Feb (next week!) where I will be told finally if I get the CI and which side to operate on.  I am worried that they are going to turn round and say I dont need the operation for some reason………so fingers crossed and update you soon 🙂


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