Good things come to those who wait…..and wait…and wait

March 15, 2010 at 7:49 pm | Posted in BBC See Hear, Cochlear Implants | 7 Comments
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Quite a lot has happened since my last post and it has all been quite hectic.

Firstly……..I got the good news I wanted and have been given the go ahead for the operation.  Woopeee.  I go into hospital on the 12th May and have the operation on the 13th May and hopefully I will be back home on the 14th May.  Assuming everything goes well and I heal well I should be ‘switched on’ between 3 to 6 weeks later.  I can’t wait!!  Good timing for the world cup!! 😉

A lot of people I have been talking to about it are assuming I will come out of hospital and be able to hear again!!  Er, no!!  The op is to implant the device that will send the sound to my cochlear.  I still need to have the external processor ‘switched on’ to allow the clever stuff to happen.  Remember, I will always be deaf.  When I sleep at night and have a shower etc……..I will not be able to have the unit on so I will not be able to hear.  As long as the device works when I wear it I think I can cope with that!!! 🙂  If you want to have a listen to hear what I can hear at the moment then have a look at this link.  I showed it to my wife and she said; ‘they’re just mumbling……I cant work out anything they are saying!!’  Welcome to my world 🙂

 Example of  High Frequency Hearing Loss

On my return from the hospital I had a letter in the post from Access to Work allowing me a budget to improve the acoustics in my gym and therefore improve my ability to hear my clients.  Great news.  I honestly don’t think I could have kept my business going forward without their help.  If you work for someone then get your employer to contact them because they could help with all sorts of assistance in improving your ability to work.  Likewise if you are self employed contact them yourself ( I got my wife to phone) and they will assess you to see if you qualify for help.  You don’t know if you don’t ask!!

Next in my crazy world came my starring role on the BBC’s See Hear Programme.  I was kind of dreading this but they actually did a really good job.  If you missed it then have a look on the BBC iplayer.  My eldest daughter, Lucy, seems to want to get on camera as much as possible 🙂

Now I have to sit around (chance would be a fine thing!) and wait for my operation.  Two of my online CI buddies have just had their operations and I am really looking forward to their ‘switch on’.  As part of my research I wanted to be as prepared as possible and one of them sent me a link to an actual operation!!  So I watched it.  At the time I wished I hadn’t but now I have had time to take it all in I’m glad I know what exactly they will be doing to me.  Have a look if you want.  After the jump click on high resolution as it seems to play better.  Happy viewing.  Click here for the Implant Operation.



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  1. It’s all starting to feel real for you now, isn’t it? Whoo! It only hit me once I actually got the operation date. Switch on for me is now April 1, what a date . . . You’ll be in good hands and they’re very kind at “our” hospital.

    I found people also expected me to be able to hear overnight – it’s hard for people to “get” it – even people who have known me for many years. It’s like breathing for them. On the other hand, lipreading is like breathing for me, I’ve done it for 40 years, and I can’t imagine never having to do it, isn’t that funny?

    You might like to read about my experiences over the last few days over on my blog. Cheerio for now!

  2. Hiya. Thanks for the message. I’ve been following your blog as I get automtic updates when you do a new post. Good reading. I’ve always thought of those little dogs as ankle biters not ear biters!! 🙂
    I’m glad you think ‘our’ hospital have good kind safe hands. That is reassuring. I just want to get it over with now.
    Look forward to April Fools day for your switch on!!
    Best wishes,

  3. I watched you recent appearance on See Hear.It was very good of you to publicise your experience in this way and indirectly promote the case for cochlear implantation. I am pleased you have an operation date. Good luck. I am very sure you will do well . How are yuo finding the fitness instruction at present ?

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Andrew. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been getting my gym improved for sound quality this week and it’s been rather hectic. All this is designed to help with my gym work and communication with clients. It’s tough at present but I have the long term aim of it being much better with the implant.
      I’m glad you liked the See Hear programme. I hope I can help others with the info provided. They want to film the op next!!
      Thanks again for the message.
      Best wishes,

      • So, Graham, are the filming the op, any news on that? That would be so cool. Get them to film the whole thing, you could market it and sell it : Saw, Part 8! (sorry for the poor joke – couldn’t resist!) Just make sure they don’t replace your ear with some other part of your anatomy.

      • Hi Tina. I haven’t said yes or know yet about the op. Think I may say yes as it may make the surgeon be extra careful!!! 🙂 Yes Ha ha…………Saw 8 or there must be a Horror film with drills in it!! Don’t know about the filming rights and selling etc. Not sure it would sell very well 🙂 Nice to read you have normal hearing…….of sorts!! You must be over the banana 😉

      • So, Graham, are they filming the op, any news on that? That would be so cool. Get them to film the whole thing, you could market it and sell it : Saw, Part 8! (sorry for the poor joke – couldn’t resist!) Just make sure they don’t replace your ear with some other part of your anatomy.

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