‘Ticka ticka ticka ticka ticka’

June 13, 2010 at 8:37 pm | Posted in Cochlear Implants | 9 Comments
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So it’s been 4 days now since I got switched!  Here is a quick update on what’s been happening on the hearing front!!

The day after my switch on I had to carry on as normal so no real time to get used to the new noises.  In order to cope with that I have been wearing my hearing aid and CI at work and then when I get some time to myself just using the CI.  It seems to be working out quite well as when I wear both I suddenly go into stereo sound.  At first it wasn’t anything I could really make out but over the last few days the CI sounds have been getting just a little bit clearer and I am re-discovering sounds that I haven’t heard since I lost my hearing last year.

So what have I been hearing and knowing what the sounds are?

The list is quite long so I’ll just give you the best bits – footsteps, the kettle, the microwave, the toilet flush, water running from a tap, traffic noise, my mobile phone text alert, the land line dial tone, my cat purring and my Grandmothers carriage clock ticking!!!  That was the odd one.  I struggle to pick up louder sounds and then suddenly I can hear this ‘ticka ticka ticka ticka ticka’ noise coming through my head!!  I didn’t belive it was the clock at first and thought something maybe wrong with my CI so I made sure nothing was on in the house to make any noise and went and stood next to the clock.  Sure enough…….’ticka ticka ticka ticka ticka’!!   That ticking used to annoy the hell out of me when I could hear normally……….I love it now 🙂

What can I hear that I can’t quite understand?  This generally is anything that involves talking…….like the radio, the TV, the telephone etc.  I can hear them all now better than before but it is just noise at the moment.  I managed to ring my wife on the mobile phone and had a basic chat with her for a minute or so.  I could work out most of what she was saying but she was keeping it very simple……….’how are you?’ and  ‘what are you doing?’

I have also been plugging into my MP3 player.  Music is not as I quite remember but to go from nothing to something is great and gives me real hope that in a few months time I may be able to enjoy some tunes again!!

What’s next then?  Well, my volume on the CI has reduced so much everything seems to be a whisper at the moment.  This is normal apparently as you brain gets used to hearing again.  I have a second re-tuning appointment on Wednesday where I will get my volume turned up.  I can’t wait for that as everything should start to sound a bit clearer again.

Ha ha………as I’m sitting here typing this (I can hear me tapping the keys too!) I can hear it again!!!

‘Ticka ticka ticka ticka ticka’  🙂

More news after Wednesday.



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  1. Excellent progress Garaham! Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun. I love the ticking clock too. One room at work (reception) has about 5 clocks on the wall – it’s surreal! I don’t know how hearing people work with all that noise around them.

  2. Our carriage clock has a really tiny sound which I can only hear if I put my ear to it. My parents have a louder one and their dining room clock is louder still. I can’t hear the one clock in an open-plan office with about 35 people and their computers . . .

  3. wow Graham, thats loads yer hearing and cant quite make out but hearing it. Blimey, so much more than what I thought you would hear. So why is the ticking clock ok now, was it beacause it was a sound above everything before and now its more in tune with everything else or…?

    I really an totally blown away with how much your are hearing and you’ve only be been turned on for a few days.

    Exciting times. Have fun.

    • Hi Soozie. The clock is ok now purely because I’m chuffed I can actually hear it!!! I’m sure it will become annoying again in time 🙂
      I’m amazed at how much it seems to boost my HA side too. The stereo effect really works. It should be even better after I get the volume turned up on Wed. I do need to practice with just the CI side but it is to quiet at the moment.
      Not long for you now hopefully!! Still no word yet??

      • Hey, stereo must be so good!! Hope after wed you feel the volume is better. All so metal! Getting some pals to read this so they can get a insight into what’s to come. No letter through my door yet, being very patient and not hounding them.

        great beginnings Graham!

  4. Top work mate! Pretty soon you’ll be able to hear how quiet the games are at Anfield now as they are not in Europe anymore and Torres finally leaves. Nobody wants to watch a team falling from grace. He He

    • Yeah yeah………any Arsenal players in the england squad by the way?
      Won anything lately?
      Nuff said Bravo!!

  5. Hi Graham,

    Good to see you’re making good progress.

    As I will be having an AB implant this year, Im reading up on everything so that I can best prepare for what lies ahead ( nervous! )

    Question for you..Although you don’t yet understand voices, what pitch are they coming through as?? Donald Ducky??



    • Hi. Yeah they are very much Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Metal Mickey, The robots from the old Smash advert!! They are already beginning to normalise (if that’s a word) though but with a robotic echo to it. I can now hold a conversation one to one quite comfortably with just the CI so hopefully after a few months I should see even more improvement!!

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