Funny day at hospital today

July 20, 2010 at 2:40 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Although my CI team are based in Bristol I am still with my Cheltenham/Gloucester team for my HA side.

I received a follow-up appointment in the post a few months ago for my HA side and decided that it must have been a mistake as I had only just been switched on with my CI.  I should have got my wife to call to query it but we have been so busy I just forgot about it.  Any way, I got another letter through a few weeks ago telling me that was a naughty boy for not attending the appointment and I should make sure I get my bum in gear and make the next appointment.  So I went!!

I arrived at Cheltenham hospital not really sure what was going to happen.  I didn’t have to wait very long before I was taken through to a sound booth and asked to sit down.  The audiologist started telling me that they wanted to do another hearing test on me as my hearing ‘hadn’t been very good’ at my last test.  I looked at her and asked ‘have you read my case file?’  ‘Yes of course’ was the answer.  ‘ So you know everything about my hearing history then?’ I asked.  ‘Yes of course’ was the answer again.

This next bit got me chuckling a bit.  I looked at her and calmly turned my head to one side and said, ‘so you know about my Cochlear Implant then?’  Her mouth dropped and said ‘er, no, er, no, I didn’t know about that at all.’  She even came closer to have a real look to make sure I wasn’t lying or something.  She then scuttled off to go and get her boss.  Next thing I know she comes back with, I assume, her boss and without a word walked up to me and both had a real close look at my CI.  I assume they didn’t believe me or something.

‘Well’, the boss said, ‘there doesn’t seem much point in doing the hearing test does there.’  I smiled back and said that as I was here I wanted them to do a little experiment on me.  You see, I have the theory that now I have sound coming into my CI side it has boosted the sound in my HA side.  I have been having to turn the volume down on my HA side since getting the CI and have assumed this is to do with the ‘stereo’ effect of having sound in both sides of my head.

To cut a long story short ( after a very frustrating chat with a so called specialist trying to explain exactly what I meant) I got the hearing test done.  Now with the AB CI that I have it means I can wear headphones like any normal person as the microphone sits nicely in the ear.  So I had the earphones on and the Audiologist ran the usual beeps through and I duly pushed the button every time I heard a beep.  The result was fascinating.  The hearing in my HA side has indeed been boosted by having the CI on the other side.  So much so that they feel that a tune up of my HA side may help to make things sound less harsh.

Now don’t go thinking I can hear well on both sides now.  Although it has been boosted it is still a profound hearing loss and I still can’t hear anything without the hearing aid, but, it has been improved slightly.  I must say I had rather a smug look on my face when the audiologist gave me the results. 🙂

So, my next appointment is in Sept for an HA re-tuning and it will be interesting to find out if it helps at all.  I don’t mind if it doesn’t because the CI is 1000 times better than the HA anyway……….but it will be fun finding out!!



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  1. What a carry on! Like the bit, where the boss and audiologist had a closer look at your CI! lol Seeing is believing eh?

    Are you inclined to wear the combo (CI/HA) for everyday use? or will you be pure cyborg?

  2. I am so surprised they didnt even notice, audiology departments, mmmm great eh. So you are keeping hold of the old H.A, not ditching it just yet?! I want to smash mine with a hammer 🙂 Hope all is sounding well for you.

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