Has it really been only 5 months??!

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I’ve been telling people recently that I’ve been switched on for about 8 months or so!!  Is it really ony 5 months??!!

Since my last post I have braved the airports with my CI and managed a great family holiday understanding spanish waiters and african sunglasses and flashing lights salesmen (you know the ones………..sat on every footpath trying to flog you stuff!!)!!  I have discovered a new job though.  All I have to do is buy some crap, print some cards off saying I’m deaf, wander round to restaurants and leave said crap on tables along with deaf card and get people to buy said crap from me!!  🙂

The holiday was great and there were no problems with the airport scanners.  I just said I had a CI and they waved me through and gave me a manual search.  The plane was fine and with the CV medium setting I was able to converse quite well considering the noise.  I am also glad to say that there were no mishaps with dropping any CI’s in the sea this time.  🙂

Phone calls are now much easier amongst friends and family and it’s nice to know my folks can pick up the phone to have a chat rather than text or email

I did have a ‘moment’ last week when we were moving out bedroom around when I came across some note pads.  I opened them up and there were the written half of my conversations with Vicky when I first lost my hearing.  It’s 15 months now since that dreaded day and I must admit those notepads brought it all flooding back.  It’s still hard to believe that only 15 months ago I could hear normally (albeit with one ear).  Thank goodness for the CI though!!  I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like now without it.  No way I could hold conversations via notepad!!!  ‘Moment’ over 🙂

Onwards and upwards I say!  What’s new this week??  Oh yeah fireworks!!  Great noise!! They sound normal apart from the high pitched ones which tend to turn the CI off !!  I wanna hear them!!!

I also had a new client in the gym today and was chatting away when I asked her if my assistant had told her that I was deaf.  I got the impression that she didn’t believe me at first…………which is nice………..but I still like to explain that I will need to see faces  to understand fully what is being said.  Especially in the noisy gym.  Still,  she didn’t think I was deaf and we’d been talking for about 10 mins!! 🙂

Roll on the next 5 months!!! 🙂

PS………if you have read this far then you will be interested to know that my BBC update programme will be on the 1st December, BBC2, See Hear, 1pm.  Should be a laugh…………..I had to do some acting for this one!! 🙂



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  1. Great!! so you’re on F120 with CV medium then.

    I’m on like 3rd week now with F120 no CV and three loudness programs. Sure enough environmental and music is awesome. I struggle with speech as it hasn’t quite got that full clarity yet..sounds muffled.

    • I have CV low and medium. I use CV low for everyday use and switch the the medium for noisier places like work and planes!!
      Speech is the toughest and that will take time. I still need to read lips a lot but I can have a conversationw ith my wife in a quiet room without lips now. I’m hoping that after another 5 months things will get even better. Sounds like you are doing great though for just 3 weeks!! Best advice is not to rush it though. The phone is better on CV medium too by the way.
      Oh and I used the HA when I was 1st switched on but now it is so bad compared with the CI I never wear it. It’s so nice to have free ears 🙂

  2. *chuckles* I take it maths was never your strong point?!!!

    But yeah, I get it: it seems so normal now it brings you up short to realise it’s only been a few short months since switch-on. Where we are now is a world away from 15 months ago – or over 30 years ago in my case.

    Looking forward to seeing your acting!!

    • Funnily enough Maths was never that great for me………..as you can tell!! 🙂
      I’m up your way on 10th Dec by the way……..might you be free for coffee and a natter 🙂

      • 10 Dec – what time? and I’ll put you in my little black book 🙂

  3. Loved your blog and I have come across the deaf saleman also practiced a bit of sign with him lol he was selling lasers !!
    I will be def watching your 5 min of fame on See Hear make the most of it you will be famous now !!
    Im Diane ive had an Implant 10 years so bit of an oldie I will try and add you on fb so I can keep up with your blog such great news x

    • Hi Diane. Cool………10 years??! I always wondered if they were really deaf!
      Look forward to meeting you on facebook!! I’m sure I will have some questions for a CI oldie such as yourself 🙂

  4. Nice blog Graham…really interesting and funny. Looking forward to the programme as are many of my friends. See you soon L.M xxx

  5. Wow I love the “tear” picture – where did you find this?

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