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July 7, 2013 at 6:51 pm | Posted in Cochlear Implants, Speech | 5 Comments
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This time last year I was testing out the new Neptune CI Processor from Advanced Bionics.  It is a very clever device that can be made 100% waterproof.  This is a life changer and I was really lucky to be able to try it out.  Swimming with my kids again and actually being able to hear them and for them to be able to interact with me was amazing.

The local paper did an article about it and you can read it here if you are interested!!

Gray and girls in pool









Sadly I have had to give the Neptune back to the hospital.  But as with everything Advanced Bionics the future is not far away and I have some great news about their latest processor and the amazing gadgets that will come with it!!

More to follow!!



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  1. Hi Graham. great to hear that you got on well with the Neptune, I’m currently wearing my Harmony when I’m in the pool doing swimming lessons, wearing a snuggy on my ear and an Ear Gear headband around my head, however, it’s always a worry and I’m always thinking about the Neptune. Did you wear it when you were out of the pool too? I am wondering what it is like for everyday use as my Harmony is great and in the right place for using the phone, so I don’t want to upgrate to the Neptune next year and find that it’s not good for everyday use. Your advice would be appreciated. Many thanks, Verity.

    • Hi Verity. I only used it in the water as, like you, I like the harmony for every day use. The Neptune will have a t Mic connection soon like with a harmony but it would still be like wearing an off the ear processor just with the t Mic benefit of the harmony.
      My advice is to wait for the new processor called the Naida which is out this summer. I will blog about this soon but lets just say……its amazing and will be followed up by an aqua pack too! Keep an eye out for my next post 🙂

  2. Hi Graham

    Many thanks for that, I went on the AB website yesterday after reading your post and the Naida does look good. Now you say about the Aqua pack then I’m definately interested, so fingers crossed on my 5 year anniversary next year the Aqua Pack will be out and I will be able to have the Naida – exciting times. Looking forward to your next post.

  3. Hi! I used to blog about my boys’ CI experiences, but stopped for a while. My oldest son is now getting his second implant, and I’m back to blogging, ha ha! Thank you so much for what you’ve shared on your blog. I’m going to add a link to yours on our page, if that’s okay. 😉 http://www.bionicboys.blogspot.com

    • Hi. No problem adding my blog to your list. I will do the same when I get a mo. I will be updating mine again next week. All about the new naida from ab. Had a quick look at your blog but wondered why the delay in 2nd implant? Cheers.

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