Tests for Cochlear Implant

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Its been a while since my last post and this is purely down to a hectic couple of months!
Since my last post on CI’s I have had two more appointments for tests which are required as part of the CI process.  The first was my CT and MRI scans on my ears.  These are mainly to see how healthy my cochlear’s are.  If they are in poor condition i.e bone growth then it may reduce my chances of getting good results from the CI itself.  I dont know the results but I assume as I have been hearing most of my life that they should be in reasonable condition.
The second test I have had was last week and that was a ‘Balance test’.  This test was much more in depth and required me to do a few funny things.  I had images of standing on one leg and hopping up and down……………and for some of it I wasn’t far off.  First of all I had to stand with both feet together and close my eyes.  Easy peasy Open-mouthed.  Next I had to stand with one foot in front of the other, heel to toe, and again close my eyes.  This one I did ok with but its not easy.  You try it!!
Then I stepped into the world of one of my own clients!  Doing gym work I quite often get my clients to do silly things as part of their exercise routine and in this case I was asked to stand up with my arms stretched out in front and march on the spot for a minute with my eyes closed.  I felt a right plonker!  Any way when I opened my eyes I had turned slightly to the right……….but not much……..which is a good sign.  This test shows which side you are weakest on for balance.
After this I was sat on a bed with some amusing ski type goggles on and asked to follow a red dot with my eyes.  The goggles had cameras in so the Doctors could study my eye movement.  That was quite good fun Tongue out!  The next and final test wasn’t!  I had to lay down on my back in complete darkness and have hot and cool water pumped into one ear at a time for 20 seconds.  This had the strangest effect of making me go realy dizzy.  To the extent I thought I was going to fall off the bed!  Sick
Apparently that is a normal result so although it wasn’t enjoyable I’m glad it’s over and I’m now another step closer to my possible CI.
My next tests are next week and this is speech, language and phsycology tests.  I have no idea what to expect with this one.  I assume it is mainly for those who have been deaf for life and can’t speak well.  The phsycology bit is probably to do with my state of mind and my realistic expectations for the operation and following switch on.  I will up date you on this afterwards.
Then comes the big one.  I have my ‘FINAL DECISION’ appointment with my surgeon on the 12th Feb.  In this appointment I will find out the results of all my tests and be told if I can have the CI.  If I can then, with the surgeon, I will have to decide which side to operate on and which CI brand to go for!
One step at a time…….Smile

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